Elegant Ladies Pure Shantung Silk Face Mask

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Elegant Ladies Pure Shantung Silk Face Mask

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Our Elegant & Luxurious Ladies Pure Shantung Silk Face Mask is the ultimate choice for Summer.

Silk is a beautiful natural fibre and boasts many surprising benefits.

Many of us struggle in the heat, did you know that silk is a Natural Temperature Regulator?

Silk is not only lightweight and breathable, but naturally cooling as well!

By helping the body maintain a comfortable, natural temperature, it will expel excess heat and is warming in colder weather meaning our Elegant & Luxurious Ladies Shantung Silk Face Mask the perfect choice for all seasons.

Say good bye to hot humid triple layer masks. Say hello to breathe easy slinky silk!

  • Carefully made with a Double Layer of the finest Shantung Silk.
  • Soft stretchy elastic ear ties
  • Contoured shape for a comfortable fit

No Filters required

Silk is a Natural Filter and Fungal Repellent. It can serve as an electrostatic barrier, the effect of which serves to suck in and hold the tiniest particles, which might otherwise slip through holes in cotton masks.

The perfect choice for sensitive and delicate skin is silk due to its naturally pure and tight weave. Silk repels live allergens as well as dust, pollen and other airborne allergens. Silk is therefore naturally hypoallergenic and great for people who have allergies that affect their breathing and skin.

We take tremendous care when working with silk to ensure we offer the best quality masks. We only have a limited supply so get yours now!

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