PM 2.5 Filters

Our Luxury Face Masks are designed with Pockets which make Filter Insertion Simple & Easy. 

5 Layer Filtration available in sizes;

  • SMALL : 10 x 7 cm
  • MEDIUM : 12 x 8 cm
  • XL : 16 x 8 cm

Although most tiny particles such as chemicals, smoke, allergens and dust are invisible to the naked eye, they are still present in the air we breathe. In the form of liquid, gas and solids they can pose a risk to our health. These particles are what are known as ‘Particulate Matter’ the 2.5 refers to the size of the pollutant in micrometres.

This diagram below helps us visualise the scale.

PM Particles Diagram
Visual of particular matter sizes for filtration courtesy of US EPA